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Insulated By Wealth from the Cares of the Day

Joseph Ferdinand Keppler [Public domain]

From Thomas Pynchon’s Against the Day:

“I know this fellow back in New Jersey,” said Scarsdale Vibe, “who collects railroads. Not just rolling stock, mind, but stations, sheds, rails, yards, personnel, the whole shebang.”

“Expensive hobby,” marveled the Professor. “Are there such people?”

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Memories in Obsidian

Photo by Malik Earnest on Unsplash

“Look up.”

Two hands lay palms-down on a brown briefcase.

Scars. From cleats and dirt, knives at the bottom of soapy kitchen sinks, mother’s maroon-painted fingernails. Memories. The only way of knowing one’s actually existed. If you don’t remember anything, you don’t know you’re there. Time. The flowing of time. The true nature of time is a spiral; not a line with a definite start and a definite stop.

“Wake up.”

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